I am still inspired by your ministry and will always be grateful as a recipient of a Dreams of You Memory Package. It was special for you to have added special touches of Josiah’s life. his life lives on in the memories of all those that met him…Keep on keeping on with the gift God has given you to minister to women. God bless you.
~ Lisa, Virginia

The nurses at St. Luke’s gave us the memory book you made. Thank you so much, Kelly…You will never know how much we appreciate this. At a time of great sorrow and pain, I have found great comfort in knowing that others care…the book you made reflects this. May you always know your kindness towards strangers at a time of great sadness, is a powerful and comforting thing.
~ Erica, Ohio

I ordered a memory book from you a few weeks ago. I just wanted to say thank you so much…I love it. It’s absolutely perfect and something that we’ll cherish forever.
~ Janelle, Ohio

The book is beautiful and we will treasure it forever. The kindness of strangers has been a wonderful blessing through our tragic loss. May God bless you and the work you do.
Thank you,

~Janice, Wisconsin

I received both the Dreams of You memory book and the Comfort Bear from Kelly. I felt very blessed to receive such wonderful keepsakes. I sleep with the comfort bear every night and hold it tight. Holding the bear makes me think about my daughter before I go to sleep and in some way I feel like I am giving her a hug. I am so thankful that Kelly created her memory book. The pages and cover are so beautiful and of better quality than a tiny memory book I already had. It is a wonderful book to write down the memories of my daughter to remember her. I am grateful that Kelly provides both of these to grieving parents.
~ Holly, Ohio

Sufficient Grace Ministries has been a true blessing to me. It showers women with compassion. I came across this ministry shortly after the loss of my precious son, Isaiah. I have really been able to thoroughly dig deep into every detail of my loss.
I have found hope through Kelly’s words. I can feel the love that she displays on the pages of her blog. She has a real love for people, and continually encourages others through her faith in our God. I believe that God has placed His hand on Sufficient Grace Ministries, and is pouring blessings upon it. Kelly is fulfilling her calling. I will continue to follow this ministry, because of the truth that this ministry is built on….. God’s Sufficient Grace.

Thank you Kelly. For your time, love and heart.
~Jennifer, Michigan

Thank you so much for sending me the Comfort Bear, and Dreams of You book. The tears were just rolling down when I opened the box(es), they are beautiful. I cannot express enough thanks. The poems/scripture are so comforting and perfect.
~ Ramona, Canada

Thank you so much for sending me the things for my daughter!! I really love the bracelets and the book…Thank you again for your wonderful ministry!!!

I just wanted to thank you for your ministry. And the package you sent my friend. I messaged her to let her know it was coming.. We had an exchange on FB today, she said I could share it:
“Got my package Saturday night – felt like the earth shook a bit. It was EXACTLY what I needed.”
And, when I asked if I could share, she elaborated some:
“PLEASE do! I have a little box to put Bodhi’s things in but he hardly has any things, and that box just makes me cry that it’s so empty. The book is EXACTLY what I needed – we have tons of things for him – maybe not onesies or pictures of him, but wishes, dreams, regrets… REAL things that don’t go in boxes. The bear is so touching too. He’s been sitting on our bed between our pillows and will probably stay there a long time. “

~ Kathryn, Washington

I just wanted to thank you for this website (and your blog) I can see that God is using your experiences to reach people like me who are hurting and it’s a blessing to know that there are others out there who know the depth of this grief.
~ Jessica

I received the bear and books today. I was so surprised at how beautiful they were! Thank you so much…What a wonderful legacy your mother left in the making of the bears…Thank you so very much for laying at Jesus feet and letting your life be used in such a worthy manner.
~Janet, Kansas

I was very thankful to have received your memory book from the hospital…Your words and poems in that book have comforted me so much. Thank you.
~ Danielle, Ohio

The grief is something so much more than I ever imagined it to be. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories and analogies. The one about being in the ocean learning to swim, is really so true…I am just trying to keep my head up above the waves. You have offered hope, some days the one thing that gets me through, is reminding myself that others have walked and are currently walking this journey.

First off I want to say thank you a million times. I received the package this morning, and it has brightened my whole day. I did not even expect it until I was running out of the door to go re-fill my prescription when I almost stumbled over it. I was almost confused at first it being so big! My bf thought I was crazy, he said I looked like I was 5 again on Christmas morning:) I was very exited. I love everything! The bear is perfect, and the Memory Book even better. I almost don’t want to write in it because it is so perfect!

….Again, Thank you Kelly. You have fulfilled one of my dreams for my child. And I feel blessed to have received a gift in your children’s memory, I know my child will be welcomed into the arms of yours. Thank you again.
~ Darby